The web-based CAMO modules are optimized to be used on portable devices supporting a wide range of Internet BrowsersCAMO_Mrotron

Invite your customers to partizipate using the CAMO module in your MROTRON®

The benefit for your customers:

  • no additional IT-hardware or software necessary
  • sharing data between your customers and you, if appreciated, leads to a most efficient way to work.
  • sharing data, like documents, addresses, A/C and parts data, maintenance data, etc., can be defined down to item level, as desired
  • eased generation of request for Quotation for workscopes addressed to you; Qutotation requests for other maintenance facilities are also possible
  • reporting back data are immediatelly available after maintenance release

The benefit for you:

  • standarized and intensive data exchange with your customers, as with your own CAMO
  • automatic scope of work generation for your calculation
  • automatic provision of maintenance release data to your customer
  • your customers will appreciate that you let them participate in your highly professional and structured business approach and that you help them to save cost

some additional outstanding features of the MROTRON® CAMO module:

  • simple to handle and still very flexible to be set up
  • easy take over of CAMO data to maintenance data and vice versa, but never without your acceptance
  • Maintenance Program, Single Running Task and Check function
  • revision-tracking-, requirement-tracking-, replaced by-, performed with-function
  • reliability pooling function
  • free interval type definition
  • quotation handling function
  • scope of work export function

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