Did you ever make a useable budget with just one number? Ok, at least one cost value and one revenue value would be necessary in order to calculate a margin. Of course, you can also go as deep in as down to each account number, costcenter and month; or anything in between.Budget_Mrotron_50

How is this done?
MROTRON® automaticaly takes your financial data of all kind of your contracts as the basis of your budget revisions. You just need to budget your reserves. Conditional color schemes support you.

The module budget is also capable to support a rolling budget, provides KPIs and has built in reports to compare the figures of your budget revisions with your actual numbers.

In the module Budget you also administrate your conditions, like manhour rates, handling charges, discounts, etc.; both the cost and the price. MROTRON® will then automatically deliver the appropriate conditions in all modules from Calculation to Invoicing.

Conditions can be linked to contracts and administrated in module Contract Administration, together with the contract’s basic data, financial data and scanned documents. Like in many other modules the reminder function makes sure to nether miss a necessary action anymore.

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