MROTRON® is a software solution exclusively developed to support aircraft maintenance facilities with an outstanding process-oriented work-management IT-product. MROTRON® has all the necessary worksteps integrated in one software solution:

MROTRON shown on Monitor, Tablet and Smartphone

  • Cost/price calculation
  • Offer- and contract management
  • Planning (resource and demand)
  • Order- and material management
  • Production
  • Invoicing and invoice control
  • Budgeting
  • Requirement management for material and equipment
  • Documentation of work status

The starting point is the integrated budgeting process, which will also act as a guideline during the financial year. The user works on a To-Do list and is guided by defined worksteps through the daily workscope. Handovers are as easy as on-demand resource management, ensuring that your customers will get your best service at any time.
MROTRON® is offered in a Standard Version as well as in an Enterprise Version, which allows you to adapt the application to follow your operational changes.

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